REVIEW – Nice Slice (Switch)

Watch Your Fingers

Nice Slice sort of mixes the reaction based chopping mechanic of Fruit Ninja and combines it with the physics of Angry Birds to create something more satisfying that you might think.

The player only controls the downward thrust of a chopping knife that waves back and forth over different foods.  Chopping thinly sliced pieces will yield a bigger score and some foods are more difficult to chop.  Huge loafs of bread, for example, are almost impossible to miss whereas cutting a single cherry, then a slice of that slice, requires precision. The gimmick behind Nice Slice is the ability to rack up combos by cutting well and having the chopped bits fall and fly through the air to knock over other things Angry Birds-style. The higher the score, the more coins are earned. The more coins, the more things that can be unlocked. The player can unlock new knifes, creatively named Keira Knifeley or Obi-Knife Kenobi, or with enough grinding, new stages can be unlocked.  These new stages take a lot of time to purchase but offer new elements to gameplay such as the pirate ship swaying or the space station’s zero gravity.

When I first started playing Nice Slice, I thought this was going to be another lame mini game trying to act like a full game. Although Nice Slice still fits this description, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would once I realized how the cutting mechanic truly works. When I first started, I was simply just cutting bread with one or two slow cuts.  It wasn’t until I started mashing the cutting button to create multiple, fast cuts did my score start to swell and fun factor increase.  Once I realized that flying chunks of food can create bonuses did I understand what makes this simple mobile-style arcade game more entertaining than originally thought. There is also a two player mode included in this Switch version.

There only so much one should expect for a $1.99 simple arcade style gimmicky minigame but Nice Slice isn’t so bad. The presentation is also simple but colorful but the sountrack’s bird chirping musical score grows annoying quickly.  But like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja before it, Nice Slice is ok to play when you want to take your mind away for five minutes.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief
Twitter: @ZackGaz

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