• REVIEW – Ace of Seafood PS4

    Fish Mouth Lasers Developed by Nussoft and published by Playism, Ace of Seafood is nonsensical and a straight up ridiculous fish-sim of a game. Always confusing and filled with flaws, this fish shooter essentially turns sea life into a messy Storm Trooper battle. Ace of Seafood is like playing the all-range mode of Star Fox […]

  • VIDEOCAST – Nightingale Downs

    Gillman and Squall play through the beginning a Nightingale Downs, an indie PC RPG with an 8/16-bit visual style. There are some obvious issues with balance and grinding but playing as a deer in a forest has to account for something. Also, this game is only $1.99 full price on Steam. Eventually we submit to […]

  • NEWS – Road Rage Returns on New Gen Consoles

    Maximum Games has launched Road Rage, the open-world motorcycle action game from independent developer Team6 Game Studios. It is available today as a boxed product at major retailers and digitally on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC for $29.99. Road Rage is an over-the-top motorcycle racer and brawler in which players climb the ranks […]

  • NEWS – Weekly Xbox Sales for the Week of November 14, 2017

    The following discounts are available to Xbox Live Gold members now through November 20, 2017. Xbox One: Cannon Brawl* Xbox One Game 33% DWG DC Universe Online 1-Month Membership* Add-On 25% DWG DC Universe Online 12-Month Membership* Add-On 33% DWG DC Universe Online 3-Month Membership* Add-On 25% DWG Deadpool Xbox One Game 80% Spotlight Demetrios […]

  • REVIEW – VVVVVV Switch

    Now Switching Gravity VVVVVV is unquestionably a unique title for a game but do not let that distract you. This Commodore-64 inspired platformer is just as creative as its name. The gimmick behind VVVVVV is simple; tapping a face button causes the playable character to fall in the opposite direction instead of jumping. While it […]

  • REVIEW – Ittle Dew 2+ Switch

    A Secret To Everyone Ittle Dew 2+ on Switch is the Zelda experience to play after you completed Breath of the Wild. Like A Link Between Worlds, this top-down exploratory RPG is designed around an open world in which the player can explore wherever desired. Ittle Dew 2 is basically a new, classic Zelda title […]

  • REVIEW – Tallowmere Switch

    Fight the Roguelike Created by a one-man team and ported from iOS and Wii U, it is hard to knock Tallowmere on Nintendo Switch too much given the circumstances. Published through Teyon, their first Switch title, this indie action roguelike platformer isn’t all bad but has its share of problems. Using 8-bit graphics, Tallowmere has […]