NEWS – E3 2017 Sony Press Conference Summary

Sony’s E3 2017 focus was on PS4 Pro and Playstation VR. They not only showcased several VR titles but also managed to throw in some unexpected surprises. Here is a summary of their conference that aired 6-12-17.

– The conference opened with live Arabic music to highlight Naughty Dog’s Lost Legacy expansion to the Uncharted series
– Unfortunately, the presentation’s audio was cut off for the beginning portion of the conference but there was something about Horizon Zero Dawn DLC
– Days Gone is another survival horror game that kinda sorta looked liked The Last of Us only with zombie hordes instead of mushroom heads
– Monster Hunter World has taken the franchise in a much more detailed direction and actually looks pretty sweet… it also has a grapple hook thing
– Shadow of the Colossus is getting completely remade and looks absolutely amazing
– Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite will launch on Sept 19 and there is a demo now playable
– Call of Duty WWII will launch November 3rd and has players shooting Nazis in the face again
– Skyrim is being ported to PSVR
– Star Child, the Inpatient, a Final Fantasy XV fishing game and Poly Arc were highlighted during the VR segment of the show
– Moss has players controlling a Mouse Knight
– The new God of War trailer showed an ax boomerang and will be available in early 2018
– Detroit Become Human was featured in a long trailer and looks like it was trying way too hard
– The new Spiderman game will launch in 2018 and should please fans if you like to repeatedly play quicktime events over and over
– Vita and the Playstation TV were highlighted at the end of the show and Sony announced sequels to these forgotten consoles… haha, no just kidding. They hate these things and want them to die. They were never mentioned.

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