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BLOG – Check out this Super Mario toy from 1989

I was cleaning my closet when I found this super old Super Mario toy in a box. Totally forgot I had this thing. Made by Applause in 1989, this figure is a beaut! Just look at this thing. I actually obtained this rare and obscure toy during the N64 era. Back then, I had a …

VIDEOCAST – Garfield Kart (PC)

Usually on sale for around $.50, Garfield Kart is an obvious Mario Kart knock-off. But for a game under a buck, it isn’t so bad and you can actually do a lot worse. We give this kid racer the old college try and get smoked during 100cc play but still had some quick fun.

VIDEOCAST – Zombotron (PC)

Zombotron, originally a web-based game, spawned a couple of sequels but now made the official jump to Steam. As we attempt to complete the first level, we kept getting absolutely destroyed by ruthless enemy AI and spikey jumps as we try and come to terms with the control scheme. Stream is embedded below:

VIDEOCAST – ∀kashicforce (PC)

What has to be one of the craziest, weirdest, and fast paced puzzle games we’ve ever played, ∀kashicforce still doesn’t make any sense to us even after spending quite a bit of time with it. Not that it is bad, it just hard to describe when so much is happening at once without any tutorial …

VIDEOCAST – Agartha (PC)

Fruitbat Factory has a track record of publishing some unique indie games that fly under the radar as sleeper hits. Agartha continues with this trend with environmental manipulation mixed with rogue-ish puzzle platforming. Both Gillman and I were not expecting to have this much fun with this game.