BLOG – Road Tripping

You know what is good about road trips?  Handheld gaming.

Whenever I fly or go anywhere longer than a day, I usually take my DS or PSP with me.  I am excited because I am hoping to find an hour or two that I can play some backlog DS games that I picked up over the last few months but have not yet had the chance to play yet.

The Legendary Starfy – DS.  I picked up this potential sleeper hit for $10 new at Target a few weeks ago.  It is supposed to be a Kirby kinda-knockoff, but we will see. For the most part, it received decent reviews.  Apparently, the Japanese have taken a liking to this little star because there are several GBA games that never made it to the states.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume – DS.  I found this title for $10 new at a local Gamestop so I figured what the hell?  It is kinda funny because I played the original PSOne game for about 10 minutes when it first came out many years ago but can’t really remember anything about it.  Then, I bought the PSP version, Lenneth, several years ago for $10 new at ToyRUs… and it is still in its original packaging.  I always wanted to play through this series but never found the time.

And of course I am going to bring along Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.  While I played through most of those games, I have not 100-percented them like how I always do with Mario’s and Mario Karts.

Anyway, in a few days Alan Wake for XBLA will be released so I am sure I am going to have to tackle upon release.  Not mention, I am trying to finish up Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but man, that game is more of the same and just keeps going. But I owe it to myself to finish it since I played through all the other games in the series. Point being, hopefully my forthcoming road trip will give me an opportunity to focus on these eagerly awaiting handheld games

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