GBA Roll Cage: Worst Game Accessory Ever?

(My article below from early 2000s lost all the original pictures due to switching servers. Sorry!) Whenever a new handheld or console launches, there is always a flood of 3rd party peripherals and accessories that release with it. This category of gaming extras didn’t really start to peak until the GBA era and started to […]

BLOG – Top 10 Wish List for GameBoy Color Games for 3DS Virtual Console

I originally wrote and posted this article on Sept. 23, 2011.  Almost 2 years later, many of my predictions have come true!  Original post below:   MyGamer recently posted our Top 10 Original GB list.  But we want to show our love for Nintendo’s second generation handheld; here is our wish list of the Top […]

BLOG – 3DS – Top 10 Wish List for Original GameBoy Games for Virtual Console

Nintendo has launched their Virtual Console service on the 3DS, allowing gamers to replay games from the original Gameboy and Gameboy Color eras.  Despite still being very young, Nintendo has launched their handheld Virtual Console service well by choosing high quality games of the past. Original Gameboy’s Donkey Kong, Tennis, Game & Watch Gallery 1, […]

NEWS – Metal Gear RISK (Board Game)

Yeah, I am going to have to buy one of these: Konami announced a mercenary-style board game created from the blockbuster franchise Metal Gear Solid called RISK®: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition. Available for Presale October 3, 2011, exclusively online at, Metal Gear Solid Risk Limited Edition will price out at $49.95. “Metal Gear […]

REVIEW – Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360)

Encouraging Creativity Blending some of the best elements of popular first and third person games of the last half decade, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an enjoyable choose-your-own adventure title. In the not too distant future, human augmentations will become commonplace, essentially turning people into cyborgs with special abilities.  You play as Jensen, the head […]

BLOG – Got Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles – Scammed!

The Wii isn’t exactly known for big selling and critically acclaimed 3rd party games.  Although rare, they are worth seeking out for the dying system. One of these games is Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. Like the Wii’s version of Time Crisis with zombies, I enjoyed my time shooting at the screen going through a summary […]