BLOG – WARNING, 360 License Transfer Feature Sucks Hairy Ox Testicle Dipped in Hot Sauce

Like most 360 users, I have downloaded a lot of stuff from XBL.  And when I say lots of stuff, I mean 100’s and 100’s of downloads. Also like most 360 users, I burnt through more than one 360 console thanks to the lovely 3 Red Lights fiasco.  3 in fact.  Needless to say, my […]

GBA Roll Cage: Worst Game Accessory Ever?

(My article below from early 2000s lost all the original pictures due to switching servers. Sorry!) Whenever a new handheld or console launches, there is always a flood of 3rd party peripherals and accessories that release with it. This category of gaming extras didn’t really start to peak until the GBA era and started to […]

BLOG – Top 10 Wish List for GameBoy Color Games for 3DS Virtual Console

I originally wrote and posted this article on Sept. 23, 2011.  Almost 2 years later, many of my predictions have come true!  Original post below:   MyGamer recently posted our Top 10 Original GB list.  But we want to show our love for Nintendo’s second generation handheld; here is our wish list of the Top […]