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VIDEOCAST – Puyo Puyo Tetris

Last week, Gillman and Squall played some Puyo Puyo Tetris – the PS4 version. Along the way, they discuss the correct way to actually say “puyo,” other Puyo and Tetris titles, and puzzle games in general. Also if you missed it, check out written review of Puyo Puyo Tetris here. Enjoy the stream:


A Japanese cat-based 2D shmup shooting weird alien things and common household items with eyeballs in a single player bullethell? Why not, right? This is Neko Navy, a game by DeathMofuMofu and Fruitbat Factory. Along the way, Squall talks about his PS4 buying experience, upcoming E3, and we try and set a high score on …

VIDEOCAST – Sundered (Beta)

Made by the team that brought us Jotun (Lotus Games), Sundered is a Metroidvania of sorts with fast, fluid action. This game is still in beta but we got our hands on this early build. Check it out. Enjoy the stream:


Even though the reboot of DOOM was released many months ago I still have not had the opportunity to play it outside of the free demo on Xbox One. Turns out, it is good stuff.  I also give my opinion about Zelda Breath of the Wild, we mention MyGamer is hiring, and Gillman dies a …

VIDEOCAST – Air Race Speed PS Vita

Last week, me and Gillman streamed Air Race Speed, a PSN Vita game played through the PS TV. Air Race Speed on Vita is a port of the 3DS version and you can read our review HERE. Even though this game only costs $5, Gillman hates it. While I fully understands the limited single-player only …

VIDEOCAST – Xmas Shooting Scramble!!

Just in time to miss the season, Gillman and myself decide to tackle the most pressing of all seasonal related game releases – 2D old school style shooters! Here is Xmas Shooting Scramble!! And yes, this game official has two exclamation points in the title. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – Kerbal Space Program

If there is one thing we learned about rockets and space travel, it is that we should definitely not be doing it. Watch as Zack and Gillman repeatedly send Bill, a test subject Kerbal, to his death by rocket, explosion, lost to space, and even drowning. Poor Bill.

VIDEOCAST – Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

If you think about it, Onechanbara has a stereotypical winning formula – hot anime babes, bikinis, zombies, and samurai swords. This exaggerated brawler is the sort of mindless fun when you just want to button mash your way through hordes of the undead. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – The World of Final Fantasy PS4 Demo

A couple weeks ago, Squall and Gillman played through the entire World of Final Fantasy demo. During their time with the game, they start to figure out the unique “stacking” mechanic as they take down the final boss. The total demo isn’t that long but there is a special unlock for those that play the …

VIDEOCAST – God Eater 2: Rage Burst

This week, Zack and Gillman try out God Eater 2: Rage Burst on PS4. Zack has never eaten a God before but if we had to guess, it might be a little sour or even spicy. Either way, it probably wouldn’t taste very good. But we play through 45 minutes of this Monster Hunter-type clone. …