PSA – last call to spend Wii Shop Channel Points

Over a year ago, Nintendo announced they will be shutting down the Wii’s Shop Channel. In what might be the strangest heads-up time in the history of gaming, Nintendo gave users many months to add Wii Points ($1 = 100 Wii Points) to their account via credit card or those scratchy cards you buy at the kiosk at GameStop. More specifically, users had until March 27, 2018 to add Wii points to their account. If you still have unspent Wii Points in your queue, you have until January 31, 2019 to spend those Wii Points. Unspent Wii Points will be lost forever. There is no way to convert Wii Points into 3DS or Switch currency. It is super weird that Nintendo let users add points to their account, then give them almost a year to decide how to spent those Wii Points. It has been a slow burn but the plug will finally pulled soon at the time of this post. So if you have points, use them or lose them! Go buy some Virtual Console games and WiiWare titles before they are gone forever. You can learn more of the Wii Shop Channel discontinuation here. Let us know which final Wii games you purchased in the Comments below. Or did you already spend all your points? Or do you even care?

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