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Visualcast – Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad just recently came out of Steam Early Access to a full release title and had a chance to check it out. At first glance, it sort of looks like a 2D Rainbow Six Siege. However, at taking it for a whirl, this game is actually a lot more like Elevator Action. …

Videocast – Ultimate Fishing Simulator

If you like fishing, there is no reason not to like Ultimate Fishing Simulator. During our playthrough, we search for honkers, catch a few honkers, and wish we caught even more honkers. Honestly, this game isn’t that bad and actually better than you probably expect. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – Touhou Luna Nights (PC)

Touhou Luna Nights, a 2D sprite-based Metroidvania, is in Steam Early Access but already shaping up to be something special. Currently, only the first level is available and we play through all of it. Playing through this early build has us excited for the final product. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – Dungeon Girl (PC)

Dungeon Girl, one of the latest titles from the Fruitbat Factory, is a RPG puzzle game that sells for about $12 on Steam. During the stream, we not only play the game but we also talk about plagiarism, the new Yakuza game, and even some Super Mario Odyssey. Since we discuss some of the pros …

VIDEOCAST – Hunting Simulator (Switch)

This week, me and Gillman try to kill defenseless animals in Hunter Simulator on Switch. While only managing to wound a deer, Gillman eventually busts out the shotgun and blasts a wild turkey out of the air. Enjoy the embedded stream below:

VIDEOCAST – Hakoniwa Explorer Plus PC

This week, me and Gillman take on the pleasantly adult and fun 3/4 adventure game that is Hakoniwa Explorer Plus on PC. At first glance, it might seem like a tactical RPG with the unique visual style but this is indeed an action RPG. Not really knowing what to expect, our editors both walk away …

VIDEOCAST – Badass Hero

Badass Hero is a new rogue-like with some light Contra elements. Not really knowing what to expect, we wind up killing a lot of stationary enemies and dying a lot. Enjoy the stream below: