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VIDEOCAST – Garfield Kart (PC)

Usually on sale for around $.50, Garfield Kart is an obvious Mario Kart knock-off. But for a game under a buck, it isn’t so bad and you can actually do a lot worse. We give this kid racer the old college try and get smoked during 100cc play but still had some quick fun.

VIDEOCAST – ∀kashicforce (PC)

What has to be one of the craziest, weirdest, and fast paced puzzle games we’ve ever played, ∀kashicforce still doesn’t make any sense to us even after spending quite a bit of time with it. Not that it is bad, it just hard to describe when so much is happening at once without any tutorial …

VIDEOCAST – The Division 2 (PC)

At the time of this recording, the Division 2 was only out for about a week but Gillman was already beyond level 20. Inbetween taking missions, we also chat about current news and other games we are playing. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – Danger Zone 2 (PC)

Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2 are made by some of the same devs who worked on the Burnout games. Even though this isn’t a Burnout game, it is a Burnout game. Part puzzle game, part reaction based, crashing cars is quality fun. Enjoy the stream:

VIDEOCAST – Baseball Stars Color (NGPC)

Reminiscent of R.B.I. Baseball on NES, Baseball Stars Color on the Neo Geo Pocket Color is a quality baseball title. During my game, I managed to get slaughtered by the AI, literally, as I lost 10-0 by the slaughter rule. Even though I totally got smoked, I did get a triple play in the middle …

VIDEOCAST – Spike Volleyball (PC)

Spike Volleyball claims to be the first indoor volleyball simulator (although the NES version of Volleyball featured 6v6 indoor gameplay). Although we are not the most knowledgeable when it comes to volleyball, we still give this game a shot. Along the way, we run into some weird collision detection issues, a wildly swinging camera, and …

VIDEOCAST – Log Jammers (PC)

Instead of Pong, imagine quirky characters balancing on logs in water, whipping axes at each other like a game of air hockey. A clear spin-off of Wind Jammers, Log Jammers has power-ups, requires quick reaction time, and audio that is pretty much always set to 11. The scoring system also seems a little weird. Enjoy …