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REVIEW – Blazing Beaks (Switch)

A twin-stick rogue-lite, Blazing Beaks is a simple, straight to the point action game that carries hours of play-die-repeat entertainment value. Gameplay-wise, there is a lot in common with games like Mana Spark with one of the biggest differences being all action takes place on a single screen giving more of a winner-takes-all arena vibe. …

REVIEW – Neurovoider Xbox One

Mixing Some of This With Some of That It is not often to use the phrase “4-player twin-sticker shooter RPG Roguelike” to describe a game but Flying Oak Games’ Neurovoider fits this bill. It is also a wonder as to why a game like this isn’t copied over and over since it is a such …

VIDEOCAST – Livelock

Ah yes, the twin stick shooter. A genre that we really do not get enough of. Zack talks about this underutilized gameplay mechanic and some of the other popular/quality twin stickers out there as well as some other non-quality twin stick shooters out there *cough* Ghostbusters *cough*. Enjoy.