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  • REVIEW – The End is Nigh Switch

    The End is Deadly As a spiritual sequel to 2010’s Super Meat Boy, The End of Nigh is a tough-as-nails reflex platformer that is designed to kill you, make you curse every word in the book, and put a satisfactory smile on your face all at the same time. In short, if you liked Super […]

  • REVIEW – Party Planet Switch

    Apparently The Planet Is Having A Party With many controller and display options, the Switch is built for local multiplayer experiences and Party Planet takes advantage of Nintendo’s latest hardware. It is no Mario Party but at least this mini game compilation gives Switch owners something to chew on before the inevitable Mario Party 11 […]

  • NEWS – More NEOGEO Games Now Available on New Gens

    Hamster has been releasing ACA NEOGEO games on current gen consoles for a while now. These games are the latest and greatest. KARNOV’S REVENGE is a fighting game released by Data East in 1994. Thirteen combatants have once again gathered to compete in the Great Grapple. The Weak Point system allows for enjoyable and deep […]

  • REVIEW – Super Beat Sports Switch

    Hitting Balls With Sticks Through Music It is easy to tell that Super Beat Sports is a product of Harmonix, the developers of Rock Band, as the focus on music and rhythm is the key gameplay element. Originally released on Apple TV, this Switch port has some exclusive features and positions itself as a $14.99 […]

  • REVIEW – VVVVVV Switch

    Now Switching Gravity VVVVVV is unquestionably a unique title for a game but do not let that distract you. This Commodore-64 inspired platformer is just as creative as its name. The gimmick behind VVVVVV is simple; tapping a face button causes the playable character to fall in the opposite direction instead of jumping. While it […]

  • REVIEW – Ittle Dew 2+ Switch

    A Secret To Everyone Ittle Dew 2+ on Switch is the Zelda experience to play after you completed Breath of the Wild. Like A Link Between Worlds, this top-down exploratory RPG is designed around an open world in which the player can explore wherever desired. Ittle Dew 2 is basically a new, classic Zelda title […]

  • REVIEW – Tallowmere Switch

    Fight the Roguelike Created by a one-man team and ported from iOS and Wii U, it is hard to knock Tallowmere on Nintendo Switch too much given the circumstances. Published through Teyon, their first Switch title, this indie action roguelike platformer isn’t all bad but has its share of problems. Using 8-bit graphics, Tallowmere has […]