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VIDEOCAST – Street Fighter V PS4

This week, Gillman complains (shocking, I know) about Street Fighter V. Zack, not being the biggest fighting game fan, tries to make sense of it all and doesn’t understand the super move meter thingie. But apparently, other players don’t either. Enjoy.

VIDEOCAST – Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

This week, me and Gillman play a bit of DOA 5: Last Round. Because I don’t really care about this fighting franchise and wonder why Gillman blew hard earned money on the re-re-release that is super buggy, I sort of loose interest and talk about other things.  If anything, it makes me want to play …

REVIEW – Clash of Elementalists (DSiWare)

Clash of Camera Control – A five-dollar downloadable third person anime 3D fighter on DSiWare is rather attention grabbing and unexpected for Nintendo’s online service and screenshots might make it look like Sega’s Virtual-On series but the gameplay is nothing short of disappointing and borderline unplayable. There are only four fighters to choose from which …