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REVIEW – Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Xbox One

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Staying Alive, Staying Alive Originally released as an Xbox 360 Indie game in 2010, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD has now been re-released on Xbox One for the low cost of $5. Outfitted with both local and online multiplayer, this survival action tower defense title provides entertainment value beyond its asking …

VIDEOCAST – Badass Hero

Badass Hero is a new rogue-like with some light Contra elements. Not really knowing what to expect, we wind up killing a lot of stationary enemies and dying a lot. Enjoy the stream below:

NEWS – Here’s When I, Zombie Will Be Available on Switch

I, ZOMBIE, created and published by Awesome Games Studio – the minds behind Yet Another Zombie Defense and Badass Hero – enters new territory. I, ZOMBIE will come to Nintendo Switch next month – March 8th. Soon, hordes of brainless creatures will begin to take over – no one is safe, take precautions! Awesome Games …