NEWS – Theatre Tales puts you in charge of a puppet theater on Switch

Baked Games studios puts out another game on Nintendo Switch that is designed for younger players. Theatre Tales is a production allowing you to take part in a virtual puppet theater and learning about classic fairy tales. The digital distribution of Theatre Tales (Nintendo eShop) is set for April 24 this year.Theatre Tales is a title developed primarily for the youngest players, including pre-school children. The concept of the game refers directly to traditional puppet theaters. For this purpose stylish graphics, virtual puppets and appropriate sound were specially prepared.

As the creators explain, Theatre Tales is a unique opportunity to explore fairy tale characters in an accessible and attractive form, for example, Little Red Riding Hood. The fairy tale history is connected with a friendly gameplay model and interesting mini-games.

The game offers simple and intuitive controls. When creating Theatre Tales, the creators also took into account the manual skills of young players.
Main features of Theatre Tales:
• fairy tale adventure for children;
• puppet theater;
• simple and intuitive control;
• mini-games;
• stylish graphics.

The launch date for Theatre Tales on Nintendo Switch is April 24, 2019.

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