NEWS – Nintendo Shutting Down Wii Services in June

With the Wii U now being Nintendo’s focus, the Big N will be shutting down some highlighting features of the Wii console.  Nintendo released this official statement:

“We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We would like to inform you that a portion of the network services offered through the Wii console will be discontinued starting June 28, 2013. We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding.”

June 28, 2013 will mark the end for the following Wii features:

–          Forecast Channel

–          News Channel

–          Everybody Votes

–          Nintendo Channel

–          Check Mii Out Channel

–          Data exchange between Wii friends and WiiConnect24 (aka, no more Wii “emails” between friend code friends)

These were innovated features when the Wii first launched many years ago, but with the popularity of smart phones it is unlikely that Wii users will get too upset that they can no longer get the weather and news from their console.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo shut down a Wii app.  Remember the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel?  Yeah, no one else does either.

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