NEWS – Frontier Days – Founding Pioneers Now Available on 3DS eShop

Frontier Days – Founding Pioneers is a simulation game that builds new cities onto undeveloped land.
By chopping wood and mining stones, construct buildings with gathered resources to develop your city to become large and rich.
The pioneers can gather the resources such as logs and raw meats by chopping and hunting.

Use gathered resources to construct buildings. Process the resources by building actions to obtain new resources.
Various buildings can be constructed by new resources. When the end of a year comes, the harvest festival requires money and
food for the buildings and pioneers, so take the balance of the cost of the resources into consideration!

NA Released date: 9th March 2017 ($5.99)
EU Released date: March 2017 (EURO 5.99)

Developer: ARC System Works
Publisher: Circle Entertainment

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