NEWS – Capcom Reviving 8-Bit NES Classics with Disney Afternoon Collection for X1, PS4, and PC

Capcom and Disney have joined forces once again to revive fan favorite Disney NES games. Like The Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom is bundling 6 games into one compilation, will be released on April 18th, and will be sold digitally for $19.99. Capcom also promises a bunch of extras packed in as well.

The games are:
Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 – Bring in a friend for classic co-op Capcom platforming action as one of you plays as Chip, and the other as Dale.
Darkwing Duck – Jump in the shoes of superhero Darkwing Duck and fight crime with lots of charm and wits.
DuckTales and DuckTales 2 – Embark on classic treasure seeking adventures through exotic stages as the pogo master millionaire Scrooge McDuck.
TaleSpin – Take to the skies as rad pilot Baloo in a unique take on the shoot ’em up genre, where you get to change the direction of your plane at any time.

There are also plenty of welcomed features. The rewind feature allows the player to hold down a button to rewind time in case you miss those difficult to make classic 8-bit jumps. There will also be a time attack mode with leaderboards for speedrunners with a Boss Rush mode. Capcom also promises concept art, some music options, and more in the final package.

My opinion:
I am excited to see this compilation and wondered why it took so long. Many gamers know about DuckTales and last gen’s DuckTales Remastered but many missed out on DuckTales 2. Chip ‘n Dale is also a killer co-op experience that is still entertaining today and hoping online co-op will be included in this bundle. It is a bit of a bummer that additional games and versions are not included, like the TurboGrafx-16 version of Talespin or the original Gameboy versions of both DuckTales games, but maybe Capcom will sneak some surprise bonus features before the game officially releases (or charge us for DLC).

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