NEWS – 12 Orbits allows 2-12 players on a single Nintendo Switch – Trailer Here

12 Orbits is a competitive local multiplayer game that allows you to play with 2 – 12 people at once. No need for a second console, and even additional controllers are entirely optional. The goal is to always enable everybody to play together. Anywhere, anytime.


12 orbits is colorful, friendly, fun, and sometimes a little chaotic. You will score goals, color spheres, defend your territory and try to grow as long as possible in 4 varied game modes, versus or as teams.

To actually allow for up to 12 players at once, and to make sure anyone can join in quickly, everything is as simple as can be. There is only one button per player, every game mode can be explained in three sentences or less, and there are never more than two possible actions to worry about. Any type of controller can be used to add multiple players, and if need be, even the touchscreen alone will do.

However, “simple” does not mean that everything is easy. The controls give you plenty of room for mastery, the game modes require strategy and teamwork to succeed, and since it is not always possible to change your direction, you will have to plan ahead as far as you can. Not just for yourself, but also for your opponents. 12 orbits is a skill-based, competitive game, with simple rules and only one button per player.

12 Orbits was developed by one man, will launch on Nintendo Switch April 27, 2018, and is also available on Steam.

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