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  • REVIEW – Poi: Explorer Edition Switch

    Old Timey 3D Platformer Poi: Explorer Edition by PolyKid on Nintendo Switch is a love letter to the 3D platform genre of yesteryear, taking heavy inspiration from Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. By no means does Poi reinvent the wheel or even generate any unique gameplay elements but instead celebrates being a kid friendly, […]

  • REVIEW – The Flame In The Flood Nintendo Switch

    A Fight To Survive Originally released on PC in 2016, indie developer The Molasses Flood with publisher Curve Digital have ported their survival action game to the Nintendo Switch alongside the Xbox One and PS4. With randomly procured environments, The Flame In The Flood is essentially a new take on the Oregon Trail that uses […]

  • REVIEW – N++ Xbox One

    The Floaty Stick Figure Ninja Is Back For More When N+ hit PCs back in 2004, fans clambered to the floaty ninja action platformer. Eventually ported to Xbox 360 Arcade, Nintendo DS and even PSP in 2008, Metanet Software’s wall jumper was well received on all platforms. Almost a decade later, N++ is the next […]

  • REVIEW – Tiny Barbarian DX Switch

    The New Shovel Knight Nicalis is following their re-release of Cave Story on Switch with Tiny Barbarian DX, originally released on PC in 2013. Developed by StarQuail Games, this 2D action platformer actually looks and plays a lot like Cave Story but definitely has its own personality, flare, and friggin’ adorable sprite work. In fact, […]

  • REVIEW – Let Them Come Xbox One With Stream

    Encouraging Their Arrival With a simple premise, addicting gameplay, intuitive controls, and beautiful pixel art, Let Them Come, developed by Tuatara Games and published by Versus Evil, is a surprise, must-play pleasure. This $7.99 indie title ($4.99 on PC) is essentially a real-time tower defense only you are the defense. You play as Rock Gunar, […]

  • REVIEW – Astro Bears Party Switch

    Insert “Unbearable” Joke Here Astro Bears Party offers about five minutes of fun if you can huddle four people around a Nintendo Switch. Essentially a four-player version of the original cell phone game Snake, the goal is to NOT bump into a trail that is left behind by any of the playable characters. The screen […]

  • REVIEW – Pankapu Xbox One

    Pankaput With beautiful hand drawn visuals and old school platforming gameplay, Pankapu is a slower paced traditional platformer that doesn’t really draw any excitement. Besides running and jumping from left to right, Pankapu is story driven. Told as a parent reading a storybook to a child, the narrative is whimsically told through cutscenes that are […]

  • REVIEW – Robonauts Switch

    Robonauts is a vibrant and musically benefited arcade shooter that is essentially an arena-based Contra but with the rotating planet jump of Super Mario Galaxy. There isn’t anything that has really been done before, and this shooter can provide a quick burst of co-op entertainment, but ultimately the solo campaign becomes tedious and frustrating with […]

  • REVIEW – Chicken Wiggle 3DS eShop

    If Chicken Wiggle Told You That the Sky Was Falling… It is easy to see that Chicken Wiggle is made by the developer that created Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter thanks to the cutesy art and game design. Jools Watsham of Atooi, formerly of Renegade Kid, has put love and passion into this charming platformer and […]