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  • Hi

    are you still reviewing relevant games like Skyrim, Skyward Sword, Max Payne, Mass Effect 3, or has you stopped altogether, and only review downloadable garbage that has no relevance whatsoever on Mygamer.com ?


  • Hi! Thanks for the review of AiRace Speed! Could you perhaps use another banner and first image? They are really outdated and I think it would look better with new and good looking images. There is for example a very nice banner already prepared. I’m not sure if you already got all the materials through a press kit. If not, please send me an email on the address I gave when writing this comment.

    And one thing which is not really correct in the review: the game actually informs you when you unlock an achievement. During the race there is a small achievement’s icon fading in and then out for 3 seconds on your game screen when you unlock the corresponding achievement.
    I really appreciated reading your article, thanks again!