Month: September 2017

  • REVIEW – Pankapu Xbox One

    Pankaput With beautiful hand drawn visuals and old school platforming gameplay, Pankapu is a slower paced traditional platformer that doesn’t really draw any excitement. Besides running and jumping from left to right, Pankapu is story driven. Told as a parent reading a storybook to a child, the narrative is whimsically told through cutscenes that are […]

  • NEWS – Weekly Xbox Deals for September 26, 2017

    The following discounts are available to Xbox Live Gold members now through October 3, 2017. Xbox One: Content Title Content Type Discount Notes 10 Second Ninja X Xbox One Game 70% Pub Sale Action Henk Xbox One Game 70% Pub Sale Battle Worlds: Kronos* Xbox One Game 80% DWG Cabela’s African Adventures Xbox One Game […]

  • REVIEW – Robonauts Switch

    Robonauts is a vibrant and musically benefited arcade shooter that is essentially an arena-based Contra but with the rotating planet jump of Super Mario Galaxy. There isn’t anything that has really been done before, and this shooter can provide a quick burst of co-op entertainment, but ultimately the solo campaign becomes tedious and frustrating with […]

  • NEWS – This Week’s NEOGEO Releases on New Gens

    Like previous weeks, Hamster has released a few new NEOGEO titles on current gen consoles. SAMURAI SHODOWN II is a fighting game released by SNK in 1994. The legendary weapon-wielding fighting game returns stronger andsharper than ever! Four newcomers join the battle for a total of 15 combatants ready to step on the stage of […]

  • NEWS – Super Beat Sports Arriving in Oct 2017 on Switch

    Rock Band and DropMix creators Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. have announced that Super Beat Sports, the cheerful collection of sports-themed mini-games with a musical twist, will launch on Oct. 12 for Nintendo Switch. The reveal arrives alongside a new live-action video from Harmonix, this time delivering an in-real-life look at Net Ball, one of five […]