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101 Penguin Pets 3D is basically a re-skinned version of 101 Dolphin Pets except you are tasked with taking care of a different type of aquatic animal. If your child has put Nintendogs + Cats out to pasture and are looking for a low-cost alternative then either one of these 101 games will fit that bill. Everyone else, however, will most likely over look this pet sim.

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Mr. Penguin actually has a personality

After customizing the physical appearance of your tuxedo wearing pet, the game walks the player through the ins and outs of gameplay. Scrub your penguin clean by rubbing the touch screen, guide your penguin through a tedious pipe maze by rotating puzzle pieces, or tear off pieces of toilet paper when the little guy needs to go (yes, you literally help your penguin poop) – in summary, the player basically taps this or touches that to interact with the web-toed friend. Unfortunately, playing with this little guy is never really all that much fun especially when the incentive to keep playing is to unlock quirky clothes, like a gladiator helmet, and play dress up.

Skiing gets mixed with Pipe Dream
Skiing gets mixed with Pipe Dream

Unlike the DSiWare Dolphin Pets, 101 Penguin Pets has the “3D” at the end of the title to indicate stereoscopic 3D. Although the feature works well enough it doesn’t really add anything to the experience although the penguin itself has actually been modeled and animated rather respectively even though the rest of the game uses simple but colorful graphics. On occasion, the penguin will actually walk right to the front of the screen where his facial expressions have been modeled with detail and these moments will nonchalantly stand as a highlight feature.




Not As Good As: a Tamagotchi keychain

Should of Had: Morgan Freeman narration

Also Try: Seaman


By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief


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